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The power of permissioned Blockchain

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

Most of current available digital assets at the market are based on public Blockchain (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc) it’s cause some problems and uncertainty to operate with them for private individuals, institutional investors, pension funds and other financial organizations.

Setcoin Group are building Digital Services Economy based on Inserviss marketplace, permissioned Blockchain, Data management system which could provide solution for scalability, privacy, volatility and eliminating fraud/scam at digital assets landscape. Main purpose of Setcoin as a Digital Asset is to providing stable growth payment solution to all Digital Services Economy and Inserviss marketplace.

Setcoin Permissioned Blockchain are capable for enterprise use (Marketplace, Finance, Healthcare, Supply chain etc.

Due to strict requirements to use sensitive & privacy data for institutional investors and financial institutions there is issues to use digital assets in their portfolios. Permissioned blockchain resolve this issue to use Setcoin as stable growth currencies for institutional transactions and reducing risks of volatility all digital assets portfolio. Low risk volatility provide opportunity to use Setcoin in business, real sector, workforce and other payments worldwide without countries borders.

Modular architecture save huge amount of time for engineers to build scalable solution for millions transactions every second.

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