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Inserviss marketplace transform services economy

Updated: Jan 11, 2019

Today major part of our everyday personal spending are services. We need services at almost every sectors: healthcare, education, construction, legal, management, arts, architectural, wellness & beauty. All this services we get from different sources. There are no one place where we can get all services in one places. Inserviss marketplace purpose is to change it and provide solution to use everyday services from one mobile app in easy and convenient way. There is no needs for phone calling to scheduling or booking time for services, no needs for long search in google to get service near your location. Get all needed services in one place and pay for it regular credit card.

Every sole entrepreneur and services provider know that to start his own business he need to focus 90% time to get stable order flow from consumers. You need to resolve it by building website, setting ad in search engines and targeting at social media and manage all order flow in manual mode that coming to you from your web awareness. Role of Inserviss marketplace is to transform the way that you operate in business. There is no needs to build or your own website and wait long term SEO results or spend money for paid Ad in google or social media. There is no needs to manage all your orders via phone or social media accounts. Everything you need to do just download and install Inserviss mobile app, launch your profile as service provider with services that you are offering, prices, working time etc and manage all your orders integrated CRM at your Inserviss account. Focus 90% your time on things that are really matter: quality of your services and life style. Inserviss marketplace provide you direct access to your clients without any commissions charging from transactions. All payments are going via Setcoin cryptocurrency with zero commissions. You can convert Setcoin in fiat (USD, EUR, etc) or pay for business and personal services and goods in Setcoin.

Use all benefits of modern technologies to make your life and business easier and convenient for everyday use.

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