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4 eras of Services Marketplaces

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

We had already 4 major generations of service marketplaces, but coverage of services and providers remains spotty, and many don’t provide end-to-end, seamless consumer experiences.

Next generation marketplaces needs to provide complex solutions to meet needs customers, services providers and marketplace.

We need to build solution for everyday convenient interactions between service providers and customers without taking any fees from members to be able using such capabilities.

Inserviss is a mobile service marketplace which connect service providers in different sectors (Barber, Nail Tech's, Hair Care, specialists, Massage specialists, Dental doctors, Nurses, Lawyer, Private tutor, Teacher, Personal Trainer, etc) and customers.

All payments between service providers and customers are transacting by permissioned blockchain with Setcoin and zero fees.

Picture from article Andrew Chan and Li Chin:


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